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Denmark - Copenhagen & South - Mid Zealand (2018)

DENMARK:  Copenhagen & South-Mid Zealand. 8 days and 7 nights, accommodation with breakfasts, daily luggage transfer, information package and 7 day service hotline if there is a problem. Approximate distance about 340 km.  Tour takes place on Saturdays from June 9th to August 31st. Start in Copenhagen with its many bikes and bike lanes on the main streets. Population of approximately a million and a half out of the total Danish population of 5.59 million people. We always recommend taking the boat tour in Copenhagen and visiting the Ship Museum and World Heritage Church when you spend time in Roskilde (the capital of Denmark back in the year 1050).

For more information, please download the PDF. Please check out the other tours in Denmark on the website. Don't see what you are looking to do in Denmark, please let us know.

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